Tea, spice, coffee plantations and factory visits

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Different varieties of hard wood and wild trees like rosewood, teak, jackfruit, Kanna, Waga, murikku. The 100 acre spice and coffee plantation surrounding Kofiland Resorts Thekkady is a delightful voyage of discovery with many pleasant adventures along the way. The first coffee was planted in 1920. The barks from these trees were used by Pharmaceutical companies to cure fever and other recurring sickness. This was also the first plantation in the Idukki district to have planted the genus Arabica coffee plant. Today the plantation mainly consists of coffee - Arabica and Robusta, pepper and cardamom.

In the depths of the coffee plantation, pathways wind through coffee bushes with plump, red coffee berries, past vines of pepper and vanilla, past cardamom bushes and tracts of clove, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric and nutmeg. Guest may walk or trek through the Tea, Coffee Spice plantations, at different locations they will have opportunities to observe at close quarters the processes involved in the cultivation and processing of the numerous varieties of spices grown here. Kofiland Resorts Thekkady, The best Kerala resorts attracts you with comfort and luxury resort accommodation at Idukki that uplift your all perceptions.

Situated about 10km away from Kofiland Resort Thekkady is a 500acre tea plantation and where guests will have opportunities to observe at close quarters the processes in their entirety - from how seeds are planted, saplings reared, harvested and cured in the factory. The coffee plants blossom in May and is harvested from November through March. During these months visitors can observe at close quarters and even take part in the different stages involved steps of coffee process including harvesting, de-pulping, fermenting, washing and drying of beans. Cardamom harvest takes place from June through March while pepper is reaped from December to March.

The scents of fresh spices and wild flowers wafting in the air, vividly plumed birds serenade in the trees and in the bushes all around. Butterflies weave their magic, adroitly surfing drifting currents of air. Home to a fabulous variety of endemic and migratory species of birds, the plantations are also a birdwatcher's paradise. A naturalist will accompany the tour introducing guests to avian and butterfly species and botanical terms for the flora and fauna endemic to the area. Kofiland Resort Thekkady is the best choice for Birding in Idukki.

Trekking, Rock Climbing and Camping

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Kofiland Resorts Thekkady offers guests a choice of half and full day treks through routes that run in different directions through the plantation on the hill across the lake. Another option is to spend the night camping outdoor in the plantation after a half day trekking in the afternoon. Tents are provided and catering services offered.

The Thekkady area is largely mountainous and offers excellent opportunities for adventure sports such as extensive treks, night trek, angling and rock climbing. Do contact the resort manager assistance.

Nature and Green walk

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opportunities for watching birds, butterflies and other wildlife passing through a range of habitats during the 4-5 km 3-hours nature walk. These treks go through different nature trails inside the Park. A maximum of 5 people are allowed on each trek accompanied by a trained tribal guide.


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Guests can try their hand at fishing. The river is home to gold fish, grass carp, catla and tiger prawns. The chef in the café attached to the plantation will gladly cook the days catch in the traditional Kerala style, else, guests could opt to set up a barbeque beside the river and enjoy a picnic lunch.

Cloud Walk

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On this trek, from a vantage point, guests will get to see extending below a panorama of grasslands, evergreen, deciduous and riverine forests and the expanses of land irrigated by the Periyar river, the Cumbam Valley, the heights of Mangaladevi, Kumarikulam, the escarpments of the Fort of Periyar and the Palani hills in the distance. There are chances of sighting some habitat specialist birds and butterflies including endemics like the nilgiri pipit, broad-tailed grass bird, tree nymph. Guests can also experience the rich cultural heritage of the Mannan Tribe that has been preserved in the form of the artifacts in the Tribal Heritage Museum.

Café - Spices - Shop

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Set at the entrance to the plantation beside the highway, the café serves a range of snacks and beverages all made from organic produce. The décor is discreet largely using materials from the plantation. Open to the environment on three sides, the café is great to relax in and refresh one's self after the excursion through the plantation.

A quaint store next to the café sells organic teas and spices such as pepper, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, saffron, ginger, turmeric and vanilla, spice blends, rubs and other exclusive souvenirs. Plant-based essential oils of winter green, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon grass and others with therapeutic benefits are available at the store as well.

Jungle Scout

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This program envisages a three hour night trek providing a rare opportunity to observe some of the interesting night life of the Thekkady forest such as civets, mouse deer, flying squirrel and various nocturnal bird species. Participants will be contributing directly to protecting the buffer zone and fringe areas of the Reserve as they travel in the company of forest watchers and trained guides. A trek ideal for younger visitors fit and disciplined enough to walk in the silence of the night. Three time slots are offered along two routws.

Border Hiking

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It is day-long range hike along the borders of Periyar Tiger Reserve. The route passes through undulating terrain and altitudes ranging from 900 m to 1300 m where the trekkers can glimpse the lofty escarpments bordering the park, watersheds and the vast stretches of Cumbam Valley below. Gaur, sloth bear and elephants are often sighted apart from birds and butterflies. Groups of 10 guests in two batches accompanied by guides and armed guards go on the hike that starts early in the morning.

Bamboo Rafting

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This is the dawn to dusk hiking and rafting program through some of the richest forest tracts of Periyar Tiger Reserve. It starts early in the morning and goes through a mosaic of habitats and forest rich in bird life, arboreal animals like Giant Squirrel, Nilgiri langur, herds of elephants and gaurs. The rafting is of about 3 hours duration where one gets a panoramic view of the forest clad hills reflected on the lake.

Periyar Tiger Trail

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On the Tiger Trail, nature lovers are in the hands of a team of guides hardy who know the forest like the back of their hands. They were once poachers who have been transformed into the protectors of the forest and are now part of the protection force of PTR. This is an adventurous camping and trekking program of one night - two days and two nights - three days duration. The team will consists of a maximum of 5 visitors, 5 guides and one forest official. Normally a distance of 20 to 35 kilometers is covered on the trail.

Organic Village Visit

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This is a trip planned and conducted by the villagers living in the periphery of the Periyar reserve Thekkady which will take guests to the organic farms managed by the Forest Fringe Farmers Eco Development Committees.

Tribal Heritage - Tribal Art Performance

Periyar Tiger Reserve Idukki is a model worldwide for the harmonious co-existence between indigenous tribal communities nestled in the Periyar Tiger Reserve namely the Mannans, Palliyans, Malayarayans, Mala Pandarams, Urails and Ulladans. The tribal heritage are performance provides an exclusive opportunity to witness the rich cultural heritage of Paliyan and Mannan dancers. This one hour performance also includes a brief introduction to the tribal communities, information on various musical instruments and costumes used for the dance performances as well as a memorable photo session with members of the tribes.

Yoga and Meditation

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Salubrious is a word that defines Kofiland. An environment favorable for promoting health. Here, both Yoga a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that transforms body and mind, and meditation that trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness will find their fullest expression.

Yoga and meditation sessions are conducted in the amphitheatre overlooking the lake, else, guests may chose the many secluded spots in the plantation for their practices. Both, basic and advanced sessions are on offer with qualified instructors at hand.

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